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Organic Shitake Extract

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Shiitake Medicinal Mushroon Tincture may boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and offer potential cardiovascular and anticancer benefits.

• Grown on our South Wales farm
• 100% Lentinula edodes fruiting body
• Organic certified by the Soil Association
• Double extraction – 1:4 extraction ratio
• Grown on recycled sawdust from our local mill
• Unfiltered
• 50 ml

• Use 1-2 droppers per dose, once or twice a day.
• For the fastest absorption, place it under your tongue or dilute the tincture in water or juice. Do not add to tea or coffee as the tannins will mute the effects.

Each bottle should last about a month.


Only 3 left in stock

Shiitake was the first mushroom to be cultivated by humans. The practice dates back to 1100AD and a Japanese woodcutter by the name of Wu San Kwung, who is celebrated in festivals and temples to this day. Shiitake is a prized edible species, and is often overlooked in the West for its great medicinal value.

Studies have shown the benefit of Shiitake in immune function and cancer, skin and hair health, and the metabolic-endocrine system – cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. It has many compounds of medicinal interest – lentinan for example has been a licenced anti-cancer drug in Japan since the 1980s. AHCC is another compound which has been well studied for immune function and again is widely used in Japan in cancer therapy.

Traditionally, shiitake was used to increase stamina and circulation and to treat diabetes, high blood cholesterol, immune deficiency, and arthritis. High in beta-glucans, and vitamin D due to its high ergosterol content – shiitake is a fantastic addition to the line-up of medicinal mushrooms.


Mushroom Benefits

Modern studies and a long history of traditional use have indicated that mushrooms can offer natural immune support, stress relief, improved cognitive function, and promote overall well-being through a range of bioavailable compounds. Here are some of the potential indications:
  • Cordyceps: Energy, endurance, respiratory health, general vitality
  • Lion’s Mane: Focus, memory, general cognition, and gut health
  • Reishi: Stress relief, adaptogenic, sleep, immune modulation
  • Shiitake: Immune support, cardiovascular health, rich in vitamins and minerals

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