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Get yourselves some Fungi Folks merch with our  NEW BLACK Fungi Folks T-Shirt. Immerse yourself in comfort with this soft, organic cotton tee adorned with our unique Fungi Folks logo, front and back.

These t-shirts are 100% organic cotton, GOTS and OKEO-TEX certified garments, printed just over the bridge from us in Bristol.

Special Christmas Offers: Free Cap with Qualifying Purchases! To make your holiday shopping even merrier, we’re introducing special offers that will bring a smile to your face:

  • Spend More Than £100: Receive a Free Fungi Folks Cap

Just use the codes FungiCap at checkout.



Mushroom Benefits

Modern studies and a long history of traditional use have indicated that mushrooms can offer natural immune support, stress relief, improved cognitive function, and promote overall well-being through a range of bioavailable compounds. Here are some of the potential indications:
  • Cordyceps: Energy, endurance, respiratory health, general vitality
  • Lion’s Mane: Focus, memory, general cognition, and gut health
  • Reishi: Stress relief, adaptogenic, sleep, immune modulation
  • Shiitake: Immune support, cardiovascular health, rich in vitamins and minerals

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